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Here I try to speak in English (en_US) about Linux, Slackware and computer science. My native Langage is French (fr_FR). My most common pseudo on the WEB is « crabs ».

You can also see my French site.

The News

A simple Artwork for XDM on Slackware : bug release

le June 3, 2009


Two bug are found in the 1.0 release and fixed in this new release.

First bug : the slackbuild doesn't work if variable TMP is undefined in the environment of the shell

Second bug : if the user doesn't clic on one X-environment choice, the last session isn't launch, but the default X-environment selected during the slackware installation time.

Please upgrade : An artwork for XDM (Slackware).

A simple Artwork for XDM on Slackware

le April 26, 2009


A simple artwork for XDM on Slackware Linux who provides some other futures like « reboot » or « shutdown » buttons and the possibility for choosing your graphical session in a list (XFCE, KDE, fluxbox or blackbox) is-it possible ?

For an answer, read the following article : An artwork for XDM (Slackware).

D-BUS: at_console right with Slackware 12.2

le April 26, 2009


The problem with some rights when you try to mount a DVD or USB drive in graphical environment subsist with Slackware Linux 12.2. Like for the previous release, you can apply a similar solution.

Please read the following article : Give at_console right for D-bus with Slackware 12.2 and xdm.

Some people repports me that there is a bug with the download of file in the english section of the site, no problem with french main site. Normaly this problem is now corrected. I apologize for any inconvenience and thanks for people how repport me this bug.

D-BUS: at_console right with Slackware 12.1

le September 28, 2008


There is a little problem with Slackware Linux« out of the box », new user in graphical environment can't mount CD, DVD or Usb Disk. A manual intervention with the root account can solve the problem.

This solution isn't really acceptable with lot of users and lot of hosts. I propose to you another KISS solution, read this article : Give at_console right for D-bus with Slackware 12.1 and xdm.

KISS: Keep it simple and stupid !

English section opened

le September 28, 2008


I will now try to animate an english section in my site.

Here you can find translation or adaptation of the french publications that can't found in french in the main site : le monde de crabs.

You can send me suggestions to to ameliorate and correct the text of this site. To do this, use the « link to the contact from » at the bottom of each page (just before icons).